By choosing to consult the Court of Appeal of Quebec’s website or use its Digital Office platform, you accept the practices set out in this policy pertaining to the handling of your personal information and the measures for protecting that information.


The Court of Appeal of Quebec is the general court of appeal for Quebec. It has been in continuous existence since 1849 and is the highest court in Quebec. In the vast majority of cases, it is the final arbiter of the matters brought before it. Its jurisdiction is very broad, as the Court may hear appeals from judgments in all matters from which an appeal lies throughout Quebec, unless the appeal falls within the jurisdiction of another court.

The Ministère de la Justice is responsible for the administration of the courts. In an effort to foster access to justice, the Ministère de la Justice and the Court of Appeal of Quebec are working together to establish a platform through which parties and lawyers can file pleadings electronically.


Personal information is information concerning a person that allows that person to be identified. It includes information such as the person’s name, address, telephone number or email address.



As soon as you access the site, there is an automatic exchange of information between your computer and the server of the Ministère de la Justice.

The following information is exchanged :

  1. the Internet domain name (for example, “” if you are using a private account to access the Internet, or “” if you are using a university for access) and the IP address (an IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider each time you surf the Internet) with which you are accessing our site. No information through which you can be identified is associated directly with your IP address. Your identity may, however, be determined when the IP address is combined with other publicly available information or if your Internet service provider provides its assistance;
  2. the type of Web browser and the operating system used to access our site;
  3. the date and time when you access our site;
  4. the pages you visit; and
  5. if you access the site from another site, the referring site.

The Ministère de la Justice retains the information required to count the number of visitors, the pages visited most often, the technology used by Internet users, the referencing sites and the country of origin of Internet users.

The Ministère de la Justice uses that information for statistical purposes, to assist in uncovering technical problems or to manage the website and enhance your browsing experience.


Personal information sent by email to and is not protected during transmission. We therefore suggest you do not send such information by email. If you nevertheless choose to do so voluntarily, neither the Court of Appeal nor the Ministère de la Justice shall be liable for any damage you may suffer as a result of such transmission.

In keeping with its internal policy regarding the use of email and Internet services, the Ministère de la Justice reserves the right to monitor and control emails addressed to employees of the Ministère de la Justice in order to ensure the integrity of its systems and the protection of confidential information.


You acknowledge that the Court of Appeal and the Ministère de la Justice may monitor access to this website, the use thereof and all other activities relating thereto and that they may intervene in this regard, but they make no representation and give no warranty as to whether or not they will carry out such monitoring or intervene in such a manner. You hereby consent to such monitoring and intervention.


The website may contain hyperlinks that enable users to visit other sites operated by other entities. Those hyperlinks are identified by the icon launch. When you leave the website of the Court of Appeal, the information exchanged is no longer subject to this confidentiality policy. We recommend you examine the personal information protection policy of any website operated by a third party in order to understand the procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. Hyperlinks are provided solely for the convenience of users.

Neither the Court of Appeal nor the Ministère de la Justice controls, recommends, or guarantees in any manner whatsoever the sites linked to this gateway and neither of them shall be held liable for the content of those other sites or the practices of their operators, particularly as regards the protection of personal information and respect for privacy.



If you choose to use the Court of Appeal’s Digital Office application, personal information will be collected and used for purposes of identification and communication and in order to follow up on your online filing request. If the Court of Appeal and the Ministère de la Justice wish to use that personal information for other purposes, they must obtain your prior consent, except as provided for by law.

The Court of Appeal and the Ministère de la Justice agree to collect only the personal information required for the exercise of their powers or the implementation of a program they manage.

The personal information collected will be communicated to other parties only with your prior consent or as authorized by law.


The following security measures have been implemented to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the personal information collected when the Court of Appeal’s Digital Office application is used :

  1. the application is accessible only with a user name, password and validation code;
  2. a user’s session will be disconnected automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity;
  3. the information is kept in the secure servers of the Ministère de la Justice;
  4. the saved data is logged; and
  5. only authorized persons have access to personal information.

You are responsible for keeping your user name and password confidential. Neither the Court of Appeal nor the Ministère de la Justice shall be held liable for their unauthorized use. If their confidentiality is compromised, you must notify the Court of Appeal as quickly as possible so as to avoid a fraudulent use of your identity.


The Court of Appeal and the Ministère de la Justice will retain your personal information only as long as necessary to satisfy the purposes for which it was collected. Thereafter, the personal information will be destroyed in a secure and confidential manner.


When using the Court of Appeal’s Digital Office application, you can pay the judicial fees online. In such a case, you will be redirected to the secure payment platform of the Ministère de la Justice. The information exchanged during the financial transaction will not be subject to this privacy policy, but rather to the privacy policy of the website to which you have been redirected. Neither the Court of Appeal nor the Ministère de la Justice collects any banking information.


You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you communicate for purposes of creating your user account. If the information in your user profile is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date, you must change it.